Pause Button Catalogue

Pause Button

Buttons were used as decorative ornaments long before they became synthetic everyday clothing fasteners, connecting one piece of material to another. Prior to the more common (usually) plastic buttons of today became the norm, buttons were crafted from sea shells, bone, ivory, wood, leather, porcelain or metal, they were hand made and could be covered in precious silks and linens or hiding a secret compartment for contraband. Buttons were hand-painted, enameled, stitched, crocheted, carved or cast.

Art Aviso Artists were supplied with a curated panel of 6  buttons, chosen for them by Art Aviso, which were to form the inspiration of a circular or spherical artwork.

The buttons were purely the inspiration for the colour, texture and shape of the artwork the subject matter was entirely up to the Artist.


Physical exhibition:
3 December – 4 January 2021

The Old Auction House Kyneton
52-56 Mollison Street
Kyneton, Victoria

Amanda Tonkin Hill
Paula McLoughlin
Aneta Bozic
Claire Rayos
Julie-anne Armstrong-Roper
Julie-anne Armstrong-Roper
Julie-anne Armstrong-Roper
Megan-Jane Johnstone
Ronelle Reid
Leah Mariani
Helene Boyer
Jennifer Baird
Liliana Stafford
Nada Murphy
Lucinda Nicholas
Lucinda Nicholas
Karen Chappelow
Michelle England
Di Diddle
Chris Aspland
Tammy Boyce
Kelly Slater
Gordon Monro
Anne O’Connor
Janine Combes
Janine Combes
Janine Combes
Janine Combes
Rowena Hannan
Rowena Hannan
Rowena Hannan
Michele Kurth
Melinda Rodnight
Catherine Stringer
Voula Christopoulos
Tasha Button
Wilani van Wyk-Smit
Caroline Wisler
Chris O’Donnell
Christine Lewis
Glenda Kent
Karen Preston
Anna Jackson
Samantha Tannous
Stella Greig
Susie Baxter Smith
Julee Latimer
Somrita Watford
Simone Alesich
Julie Milton
Julie Milton
Julie Milton
Bronwyn Rodden
Annie Burns
Helen Braun
Sharon McEntee
Heather Matthew
Heather Matthew
Heather Matthew
Xandra Connelly
Susan Lowe
Fay Valcanis
Rosalie Duligal
Bev Plowman
Andrea Hughes
Beth Hulme
Grazia Marin
Lynette Joy