Tasha Button – Pause Button

Tasha Button

Title: A thoughtful moment in Button time

Medium: Oil on Canvas

Dimensions: 40cm diameter

Price: $500 AUD 

I was sent a card of emerald green buttons and a business card from Artaviso by post. Delightful. I decided to revisit the still-life genre as I felt this moment in time needed to be documented. Thinking about buttons, one may think about sewing, the patchwork quilt was made by my Nanna many years ago, very cosy. Much of the community is at home due to the virus, maybe more sewing is being pulled out of the cupboard and projects are progressing. The simple onion is a symbol of the layers of life, how times have changed for Australian women from colonial days, yet buttons and the onion remain the same. Most days I will grab an onion when I cook a meal for my family. Onions add so much to a dish and are often overlooked for their value, or passed off as a side or an accompaniment.