Michelle Kurth- Pause Button

Michelle Kurth

Title: Twenty Seven

Medium: Silk and wool on metal fan case

Dimensions: 40cm x 9cm deep

Price: $2400 AUD 

We look at a piece of art for an average of only 27 seconds, including reading the description.

As the viewer we can look at art for a very short time and make a judgement on it; whether we like it, if it draws us in, and if we want to explore further. The decision to move onto the next piece can often mean that we’ll miss the
detail, and possibly another level to the work.

If you are drawn into the centre of this handwoven piece, to look deeper; you may see the hidden buttons, or the yarn camouflaged in the creases of the fabric, flowing from the inside out.

Just like handcrafted buttons, the process of weaving is intricate, and no two pieces
are the same. It is a slow craft in a fast world; it something that can’t be rushed. It makes you slow down and pause.