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Aneta Bozic

Title: ECO NO M(one)Y

Medium:Eco-print, organic inks on paper

Dimensions: 30cm

Price: $300 AUD 

ECO NO M(one)Y is a play on the word economy, and the false concept and perception of there being no real direct monetary value or worth in a natural ecology.
There has been a too long held tradition of calculating the value of nature by calculating what the by-product of a plant or animal can become. Building or clothing materials or food sources are the main economic scales by which we value nature.
We are still to accurately enumerate the monetary benefits of ecology in its natural state, specifically how biodiversity assists agricultural management by reducing the need for fertilisers and pesticides and more broadly how it helps in the fight against man-made climate change.
It may only be when we calculate the cost of undoing its destruction verses its preservation that we will truly appreciate its worth.