Art Aviso was designed and developed in Australia with input from Artists, Gallerists, Collectors and Developers to reach and benefit a worldwide audience. We wanted to create a resource that would be advantageous for all of the elements that make the art world tick: Artists, Galleries/Art Institutions and the Art audience.

Art Aviso is a way to harness the communication power of the online space and connect people through Art – drawing them out, away from the screens to see events and exhibitions in the real world.  

A supportive art community, helping artists find opportunities and instigating active participation in the wider art community.

Our name (Art Aviso) illustrates the use of our online platform to merge the digital appreciation and consumption of art with active participation in real world art, galleries and events.

(An Aviso was originally a small dispatch or advice boat, used by naval fleets to communicate intelligence, prior to the invention of technological communications.)

Picture a small boat sailing out to the fleet, to share important news…

What some of our subscribers are saying about the platform …

‘A useful tool for new opportunities, viewing what other artists are doing a place where I can have a profile & engage. Easy and intuitive website to use.’

Gwen Scott, Artist

‘Art Aviso is a really valuable platform for connection and promotion for a wide range of artists and arts industry professionals. It provides a relevant, reliable resource for anyone wishing to connect or participate with art.’

Simon Bowland, Artist

‘Great group of artists, high quality work, great online presence, well grounded.’

Julie-anne Armstrong-Roper, Artist

‘More than a listing, also supports you as an artist or gallery, by promoting the new exciting project you are working on, your next talk or workshop. In other words, if you want to be seen online, it is the place to be.’

Sofie Dieu, Artist

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100% of profit from Artist subscriptions, goes back in to Art Aviso events and opportunities for Artists.