About Us

After a lifetime as a practicing Artist and a number of years operating a Commercial Gallery in inner suburban Melbourne, Beth Hulme was inspired to create Art Aviso – an online platform and resource for Artists and Galleries/Art Institutions. Seeing the limitations of conventional advertising threads for Galleries and a the lack of a recognisable paths for Artists to find opportunities and form valuable collaborations and connections, Art Aviso was created.

Art Aviso was designed and developed in Australia with input from Artists, Gallerists, Collectors and Developers (or as we like to refer to them -Web Tech Superheroes) to reach and benefit a worldwide audience. We wanted to create a resource that would be advantageous for all of the elements that make the  Art World tick – Artists, Galleries/Art Institutions and the Art audience. A way to connect people through the Art that they love and draw them out, away from the screens to see events and exhibitions. A space to find opportunities and create active participation in the Art community.