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Art Aviso projects, exhibitions and events are open to Art Aviso Artist subscribers – Some events are open to all subscribers, others are regional and some events are curated and involve a selection process.

We work with local Galleries, institutions, curators, collaborators and arts professionals to bring interesting and innovative opportunities to our Arts community. We encourage new ideas, experimentation and the creation of new work, all within a supportive and professional framework.

We design our real world events in a responsive way, to address the political, environmental and economic climate we live in, and provide a platform for the art that is being made in response to our world.

Our exhibitions and events range from all participants welcome, interactive exhibitions(where we provide an instigator for the artwork) to small medium specific exhibitions, to large themed and curated exhibitions in Galleries and spaces of significance. Events are only open to Art Aviso Artist subscribers.

Most events are conducted in collaboration with Gallery partners at no inclusion cost to the Art Aviso artist subscribers. Art Aviso does not take commission from artwork sales (in some instances commission will be taken by our Gallery partners as part of their usual business model – this will be outlined) and 100% of profit from Art Aviso website subscribers goes back in to exhibitions and events for our artist subscribers.

Projects coming soon…

Thanks for your patience.
These projects are will be taking participation requests soon …

  • Carbon
  • Informed- Works on paper informed by printmaking (prize)
  • Curator/Collaborator

Completed Projects …

Earlier projects, collaborations and exhibitions


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