(Notes about the individual artworks HERE)

Freedom and Adventure?
The nostalgia of childhood holidays, shoes kicked off, running to meet the other caravan park kids, giddy with excitement for the promise of a long, hot Summer near the beach?
A ‘spare room’ hangout, thick with moody teenagers desperate for the beginning of independence, loud music pouring out, sneaky beers, flirting, sex, drugs and rock and roll?
Squeezing the whole dysfunctional family unit into 6 square meters, banging heads on bunks and getting ratty with each other?
The weight of making and maintaining a home – Who carries the burden?
Shelter or Ineffectual housing, in back lots and parcels of land under railway bridges, full of the broke, broken, and forgotten people?
Which way do you travel?
Participating artists: Drasko Boljevic, Leanne Booth, Janine Combes, Julian Di Martino, Darren Doye, Jonathon Harris, Lana de Jager, Paula McLoughlin, Donal Molloy-Drum, Dan Moulton, Helen Mountford, Russel Newman, Veronica O’Leary, Kim Percy, Mark Seabrook, Karen Standke, Linda Weil, Susan Woods