Heather Matthew – Pause Button 2

Heather Matthew

Title: New World

Medium: Mixed Media

Dimensions: 46cm Diameter.

Price: $475 AUD 

I began the idea of working with circular papers during an artist residency in March this year in response to the bushfires. When the pandemic forced us into lockdown, I found that my papermaking reflected my state of mind, moving from anxiety through to a calm still focus.

I held an imaginative projection of creating a new world, one with time to pause, regenerate and heal during the international crisis. My paper circles became representations of the ‘blue marble’ world as photographed from space by the astronauts on the Apollo 17 in 1972.

I used cotton and linen donated to flood affected families to make my paper. The materials carry the energy of places affected by climate change and world events. They represent our planetary interconnectedness and speak of the hopeful efforts to address and mend our planet. My stitching is a metaphor for mending, healing and resilience.