Somrita Watford – Pause Button

Somrita Watford

Title: Purple Passion

Medium: Acrylic/Mixed Media on Canvas

Dimensions: 30cm

Price: $395 AUD

I love a creative challenge, so when I received my set of buttons to inspire my artwork, I knew I would title it ‘Purple Passion’ since all the buttons in my set were purple with different textures and sizes. I used one of those buttons as the center of the largest flower as homage to it being a button challenge. I cut, singed and sewed the organza petals together to create flowers with glass beads at the center and then sewed them directly to the canvas after completing the acrylic paintwork and varnish. The sewn thread is sealed at the back with glue to hold it in place. I hope this artwork will speak to you, give you joy and find its way to your heart and home.