Caroline Wisler – Pause Button

Caroline Wisler

Title: Cherished

Medium: Cyanotype, watercolour, thread, gold leaf on cotton rag

Dimensions: 30cm diameter

Price: $250 AUD 

Traditional handcrafted Victorian buttons were decorative, precious objects that were infused with sentiment and symbolism. They were manufactured by combining five layers pressed together using brass, steel, and other materials. Within ‘Cherished’ l have incorporated five components to symbolise these layers – cyanotype, flora, gold thread, watercolour, and gold leaf. The Cyanotype technique captures the movement, beauty, and elegance of the Flora used. The gold thread and watercolour are symbolic of the precious beauty often associated with the handmade. Lastly, gold leaf around the rim of the work represents the top brass ring that helped hold the button together. Working with this combination of mediums gave me pause to slow down, be present, and re-engage with my creative practice. Hence, by pushing the ‘Pause Button’ l allowed myself to become immersed within my practice, reflect, re-connect, and ultimately ‘Cherish’ what is important.