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Sharon McEntee

Title: Ash

Medium: Burnt leaves collected from Pambula Beach, NSW January 2020, copper, polymer modified plaster, pigment, charcoal, gold leaf.

Dimensions: 42cm Diameter.

Price: $850 AUD 

An ominous, dark, billowing sky quickly blew over us at the beach. Burnt leaves began falling from the sky, creating an eerie atmosphere, adding to the ash that had been scattered along Pambula Beach for weeks from the catastrophic bushfires that had ravaged the South East Coast of NSW and beyond. It was the 1st February 2020, the end of our holiday and a bushfire continued to burn about 50km away. Melbourne bound, we detoured through national parks, witnessing blackened trees, mangled road signs, a few lone wallabies, smoke and flames still emanating from some blackened tree trunks. Just a glimpse into the nightmare that was.

This sculptural artwork Ash symbolises the indelible mark the recent bushfires left on people, animals and the environment, and the sadness felt at the death and destruction of animals and habitats and ongoing ramifications for the inhabitants of these landscapes.