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(49) Helen Braun – Dispersal

About this Artwork
Price: $300 AUD

Working with 2D foliage prints on wax paper, I have sought to capture some of the essence of ‘The Old Dutch Toymaker’ within the picture I received and responded to. A playfulness of form which relates to toy windmills, also incorporates, the ephemeral shift, the lightness of air movement, along with the fleeting impermanence and joy of all life.

About Helen

Strength, resiliency and fragility are at the essence of all interactions within the natural world.
Through the use of materials that are found, discarded objects, quite often involving ex laboratory ware, along with naturally degrading fibres and paper, I attempt to address the ever ephemeral and transient nature of all life.
Wax paper (the now unobtainable domestic food wrap) has, and continues to feature as a material I use (whilst my supply lasts), as it expressly incorporates both strength and fragility, alike much of nature. Through layering, twinning and careful manipulation, this wax paper is soft yet surprising strong and resilient.
The use of simple printmaking techniques has become a strong part of my installation practice, involving foliage prints onto wax, black and fine white papers. These 2D pieces, I then cut and manipulate into 3D forms, which often then become the many components within larger installations works. These works together, intend to incorporate and address, a strong emphasis on the relationship between art and science and the natural world.
Additionally, I work and make small ceramics pieces, which whilst many have a functional use, also reflect many components and aspects found within botanical form and patterning.
When making works, my intentions are strongly aimed and angled towards addressing the intensity and interdependence of relationship between all life forms of the planet. Humanity is never apart from the natural world. We are inextricably connected at every point and every intersection of existence with all of nature.

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Helen was supplied with the following page from 
Newnes’ Pictorial Knowledge Encyclopedia:

Volume 4
The story of the world and it’s peoples.
An old Dutch Toyseller.