Helen Braun


East Bentleigh, Australia

Preferred artistic medium

Ceramics, Contemporary, Installation Art, Paper Art, Printmaking, Sculpture

Art level career

Mid career

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Artist statement

all of life is ephemeral, anything can change, everything does change.
This is the continual constant that underlies and informs my making.


The ephemeral and transient cycles of nature are core to my creative inspiration when making work, which also, involves exploring the abstract relationships between nature, science and art with an imaginative and conceptual approach.

I use acquired materials,discarded,donated,repurposed and reused in various works,in particular,ex-laboratory ware,fine wax paper and black papers feature strongly in my work.  I also incorporate print making techniques. 2D works often evolve into 3D works, where small pieces may stand alone, or become elements relating to other works, or be included as part of much larger installations. At times, I also make very small ceramic works of a similar connected language.

Nature is not apart from human kind; we are interconnected at every single juncture and point of being. With this forefront to my thinking, research and making, I attempt to present these aspects within my artworks.  Works that may encourage some small inklings  of curiosity, of expansiveness, even wonderment, through the humble little windows of my artworks.