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(172) Stephen Cornwell – Bird-eating Spider

About this Artwork
Price: $190 AUD

I find spiders pretty menacing at the best of times but this concept presents a slightly more surreal twist on a spiders confrontation with a bird that just might be its measure. The image I was given to work from was of a bird-eater sitting on a tree trunk. Slightly blurry so I’m guessing that the photographer was a little shaky and uneasy about being so close to a very intimidating spider. The style of this piece is based on a series that I have developed that involves wildlife as the subject matter and their interactions with their surroundings. I’m thinking that I got the scale of the two actors about right. The bird is more like a small raven which can be both aggressive and fiercely defensive. So, even though I’ve confined the bird to cage, I’m treating this as a standoff. A no win situation for this bird-eater !

About Stephen

I’ve been creating artwork for most of my life.
Most of it has been design related ( applied design) rather than Fine Art.
In 1999 I co-established an Ad and Design Agency with partner (Cate) in North Adelaide during which time I was nationally awarded for my branding creative. I’ve also taught Visual Arts in Secondary schools, and lectured in Visual Communications at Tertiary Ed – Tafe and Design Institutes.
2019 saw a big change in my priorities and I’ve invested a lot of time developing my personal artwork. I’ve really focused on developing my giclee (digital) works which often include wildlife and camouflage concepts as well as more surreal and darker concepts most of which just happen upon me and are usually very diverse in subject matter. And, although I have a fondness for ravens, once I’ve produced an idea I usually don’t live off it by producing a dozen minor variations. I guess that’s a legacy of having to perpetually reinvent new ideas for commercial design projects. So, applying this discipline keeps my thinking “fresh” and forces me to move forward with new ideas. Another constraint I apply is the use of a square format for my artwork. I almost always create everything to fit in a square.

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Stephen was supplied with the following page from Newnes’ Pictorial Knowledge Encyclopedia:

Volume 9
The first steps in Geography.
Geographical terms – plate 1.