Stephen Cornwell


North Haven , Australia

Preferred artistic medium

Contemporary, New Media, Paper Art

Art level career


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Artist statement

Digital / Giclee paper @27cm and @35cm square and on canvas @1m square. 

Editioned to just .../35 each. (Wallpaper Series)

Hi :-)...

I’ve been creating artwork for most of my life. I grew up in Newcastle.
 I have a Bachelor Degree in Fine Arts and also a Degree in Education.
 I’ve taught Visual Arts in Secondary schools, and lectured in Visual Communications at Tertiary Ed - Tafe and Design Institutes. In 1999 I co-established an Ad and Design Agency with partner (Cate) in North Adelaide during which time I’ve been nationally awarded for my branding creative.
2019 saw a big change in my priorities and I've since invested a lot of time developing my personal artwork. It’s nice to spend time developing concepts and images for myself for a change. I like to diversify a bit with abstract works on canvas which incorporate plastic tags, wire leads, pins and tape giving them a highly tactile quality but as well , I create limited editioned (archival) giclee works on paper and canvas.
But since 2019 my main focus has been on developing my giclee (digital) works which started as a themed series called “Living Wallpaper” which is is playful and has an interesting backstory based on a travel experience I had observing camouflaged bugs and their relationship to surrounding shape and colour. Other new works don’t adhere to any theme. They just happen and are usually very diverse in subject matter but always in a surreal style.
All “wallpaper” pieces are produced as Limited Edition Giclees on paper @ 35cm square using archival media with a colour stability of 80 years.
All images are produced at the highest level possible. The 1 metre square works are no exception, producing spectacular vivid clarity and rich dynamic contrast. 1M square images are editions of …/5 only.

I have no commercial gallery representation but I’m very interested in talking to any contemporary gallery either in Australia or elsewhere who might be interested in my work.

Thank you for taking the time to look at my work :-)