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(20) Bronwyn Rodden – Tigers of the Sea (Australia)

About this Artwork
PRICE: $200

In history, creatures such as sharks inspired terror and mythical stories about their danger to human beings. While some species are dangerous, we are much more dangerous to them. “Each year worldwide there are ~ 10 deaths attributable to shark attacks compared with ~ 150 deaths worldwide caused by falling coconuts.” (Australian Institute of Marine Science). Around the world people now recognize the need to protect sharks as a vital part of our marine ecosystems. The page I was sent contained images of ferocious beasts and a description of their fearsome appearance. While these books were made to inform people, they also inspired fear in their efforts to make them interesting. I was reminded of fantasy animals found in medieval manuscripts, often coming from imaginations rather than reality. I was inspired to produce this work to highlight the need to move away from our over-zealous and often misinformed fear of these important animals. I’ve used modern technology to produce the Gothic script in the piece, combined with hand drawn fantastical images of ‘Tigers of the Sea’.

About Bronwyn

Born in Sydney, my art practice began with my mother, accompanying her to a studio in The Rocks as a child. Since then, I’ve moved through various styles and have now moved away from traditional media in an effort to work more sustainably, and incorporating my other background in the natural sciences. My current art practice focuses on our relationship with the natural world and the need to celebrate and understand it so it can be preserved for the future. Where possible I use inks I make from my garden and various papers, in an effort to embed the reality of nature into my works. I’ve learnt about the use of inks and papers from eminent Australian-Chinese painter, Andrew Lo. I am, of course, aware that humanity is also nature, and am now interested in producing works I call ‘Co-existence’ pieces, creating assemblages and other artworks which combine my ink-dyed papers with human technology.

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Bronwyn was supplied with the following page from Newnes’ Pictorial Knowledge Encyclopedia:

Volume 1
The Story of animal life – Creatures of the land, the air and the sea.
The Tigers of the Sea.