Plate 13

(44) Viki Petherbridge – Animals in armour. The pangolin: May they suffer no more.

About this Artwork
Price: $500 AUD

I was a bit intimidated to get the pangolin as my artwork as it is a highly contentious issue regarding the animals in China and how they are treated and their connection to the coronavirus.
I have a body of work titled the “Red Hand ‘ series which deals with issues such as Justice, animals, hypocrisy, religion, the environment, unfairness etc. These photographs are hand-painted black and white on a large scale. I felt this image was emotive of the red hand meaning of “caught red-handed” I have used a woman’s hand as it has a tender look to it but the pangolin has suffered terribly at the hands of humans so I wanted to show the irony of the hand and the harm that has been done. To me, the red hand is symbolic of the suffering caused by humans to animals for our own greed and a disregard for the animal’s welfare.
The text I felt showed that we are aware and that if we make an effort possibly the trade and slaughter of the pangolin will diminish – the cartoon is to add another irony, perhaps from the pangolins’ point of view!

About Viki

I work as a free-lance photographer, specializing in photographing artists work, painting, sculpture, ceramics prints etc. and am the photographer of many books of renowned Australian artists.
My creative photography has been exhibited in various galleries and my work has been included in many photographic prizes.
I use traditional methods and digital photography with black and white photography being my favorite.
Many of the black and white photographs are hand-painted with photographic oils.
Images include figurative, still-life, and often have a social meaning.
I like to work in series that often spread over many years, for example, the “Red Hand ” series began in the early 2000s and I am still interested in pursuing more photographs for this series.
With the figurative/portraiture photographs I set up the models in a small studio space – all are people I know and not professional models.

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Viki was supplied with the following page from Newnes’ Pictorial Knowledge Encyclopedia:

Volume 1
The story of animal life- Creatures of the land ,the air and the sea.
Animals in Armour.