Elementor #20319

(1049) Monica Sarobba – They are coming

About this Artwork

The vintage print I received drove me immediately to the American sci-fi movies of the 50s.

I transformed Humpty Dumpty into an unidentified object coming from the cosmic space.
As in a sort of “Invasion of body snatchers” a woman is observing the arrival of alien invaders.
The cold war paranoia and the fear of the imminent destruction during the 50s is not so different from the nowadays uncertain feelings.
Through the lens the woman is watching at the Zeitgeist of our age, the fear.
“They are coming” illustrates the persistent anxiety about everything. From global warm, virus, terrorism, wars to poverty, migrations and lost of identity. And how often we remain passive observers. The important thing is to preserve our garden, as in the perfect 1950s commercials family. For this work I deliberately used the traditional technique of collage on paper followed by digital scanning. In this way I keep a “low resolution” effect as in the pictures printed on vintage magazines.

About Monica

Kintsugi is the ancient Japanese art of repairing pottery with gold.
Being a cancer survivor and affected by a chronic pain disease, for many years I felt my body as something wrong. My art is an intimate journal that I wish to share with the viewer.
Every time I create a piece I feel a renewed bond between my mind, soul and body. Scars become beautiful lines. Through the creative process I perform on myself the art of the Kintsugi. I am not broken anymore but repaired with gold to show to my viewer that new paths are possible.  Scars can be on our body or in our heart. We can cover them with tattoos or hiddden pain with a smile. But we all have the opportunity to change imperfections into beauty and pain into personal power. Making art is the medium to reach acceptance and rebirth.
Mine is not a self-celebrating job. In a time of disturbing aesthetic perfection I wish to share my art to support anyone who feels different or discriminated because of his/her diversity.

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Monica was provided with the following page from Newnes’ Pictorial Knowledge Encyclopedia:

Volume 9
Fun with Colours.
Fig 11 & Fig 12.