Virginia Stobart

Virginia Stobart (Australia)

Title: In The Arms Of Morpheus
Medium: Photography, Collagraph, Embroidery.
Size: 21 x 29cm
Price: AU$180

Memory may provide a secure sense of continuity from the past through to the present but as memory begins to fade the layers and complexities in life begin to blur. “In the Arms of Morpheus” (Morpheus, the Ancient Greek God for sleep and dreams) is where my mother lay during her last stage of life.

In this time of stillness narratives of youth, World War Two, a divisive Greek Civil War, migration and personal losses were amongst her strongest memories. These narratives of triumph and loss are now embedded and reinterpreted through my work. Tactile methods of print making, embroidery and symbolism are used to connect the past to the present. As my own identity is formed, so is my own garden of triumphs and losses.

My studies and employment at the Photographic Imaging College from 1999 to 2013 involved curating, collaborating and assisting student exhibitions as well as producing personal exhibitions. I continued and completed my studies with RMIT (Fine Arts) BA in 2016.

My work is an investigation into identity and how it shifts and expands with migration. It is with movement that identity shifts, becomes dislocated and fragmented in the process of assimilation. Influenced by both place of origin and place of destination, identity expands in complexity and helps define the present and the future.

Greek Myths, familial histories and symbolism are embedded in my work incorporating video, photography, printmaking, painting and natural environments. The images are layered, abstracted, diffused, obfuscated, fragmented, projected and refilmed. Colours are saturated, movement slowed and sounds composed to underscore the psychological space within. Immersive spaces are created for the viewer to be transported to their own inner world of memory, place and identity.