Valerie O’Regan

Valerie O’Regan (UK)

Title: Portrait of Druid
Medium: Hand coloured Cyanotype print on Recycled Linen fabric.
Size: 21 x 29cm
Price: POA

This artwork is a hand coloured Cyanotype print on a recycled linen fabric.The composition is created by collaging my photographs of a Starling sitting on a telegraph pole with my photographs of succulents and japanese fabric.In the current context of limited travel, I have been engaged in a re-assessment of the landscape immediately around my home on the coast of the Cowal Peninsula. Starlings although a common sight are truly magical creatures and collectively their Murmurations twist, turn, swoop and swirl across the sky in beautiful shape-shifting clouds reminiscent of billowing fabric and mesmerising beauty.

As a multi-disciplined artist I work with a variety of materials,techniques and experimentation .The experience of making and thinking with my hands is an important aspect of my practice.My research involves constructed sculptural drawings, photographs, cyanotype with traditional and contemporary printing methods.Each work represents a specific moment of exploration.

I am drawn to the romanticism of rural relics, defunct rusting metal and crumbling stone representing monuments past and past lives. I am transfixed by these disparate fragments and their imagined stories and the excitement gained with chance discoveries of clues and marks from the past.
Each found object, a lost button, moss covered stone, lichen hung tree, weathered and washed up wood offers a rich narrative for my working process.
Of particular interest are the historical clues and remnants scattered throughout the natural landscape, suggesting narratives of times when land use was different. There is a particular aesthetic to be found in this fragile balance of the rusting metal of forgotten machinery and fences, and the ways wild grasses and trees intermingle and join with them. The compositions that are observed are almost archaeological in their sense of being discovered, found, and appropriated. A moment in time, as each day the fragile balance evolves and changes as the man-made interventions gradually recede into the natural landscape.