Sue MacLeod-Beere

Sue MacLeod-Beere- Australia

Title: A Fighting a Chance – with (Cat) Bells On
Medium: Oil on linen with mixed media
Size: 21 x 29cm
Price: AU$790

I’ve chosen to highlight the drama in gardens and wild areas where wildlife has to fight for survival with numerous predators including domestic cats. As in this oil painting’s title “A Fighting Chance – with (Cat) Bells On” the adding of bells to cats collars and keeping them inside at night would benefit blue tongue lizards, frogs, lorikeets et al., enriching and bringing joy to our personal environments as well as public ones. I used my own garden as the stage set.

I like to paint directly where possible for the immediacy of a point in time, plein air is a particular passion.
I feel I’m on a treasure hunt with some subjects as they slowly reveal intriguing depths that I hadn’t seen fully at first.
My location choices can be for it’s staggering beauty or some appealing quirk in a humble setting. I’ve been a finalist in the Mosman, Gallipoli and Hunters Hill Art Prizes with some pieces used in three TV series the latest being ‘Wakefield’ on the ABC.