Sarah Walker

Sarah Walker-

Title : Fly Me Away

Medium: paper, cotton

Price : AUD 85

National Graphic 
Volume CIII
Number One

About the artwork:

When does a “simple cold” become serious? When it’s really COVID 19, of course. With its cold-like symptoms and its highly contagious nature, COVID 19 has changed our lives in ways we could not imagine. There have been closed borders, separated families and extended lockdowns. There have been lost jobs, closed businesses and deferred events. We look longingly into the past, to the days that have quickly become the ‘good-ol’-days’.

The balloon represents the holidays we wish we were having and our dreams of adventure.
Wouldn’t we all like to be carried away to a time of no cancellations, no postponements?

Fly me away…

This work was created by enlarging and printing the picture on my national Geographic page. it was glued on a hand painted background. The balloon is knitted and the basket is crocheted, in cotton and stiffened with Powertex. It was then hhand stitched onto the paper.

About Sarah:

Sarah grew up in a farming household where making and creating was a necessity and
valued activity. Through the women of her family, Sarah learnt many hand craft skills over
the years. Knitting became a passion after receiving a lovely, hand knit beanie from her
husband’s mother.
In 2003, Sarah began The Peaceful Bay Beanie Co- a small hand knitting based business, when she was a stay-at-home mother to three children. She now runs the business with her friend, Jo Court.
For Sarah, knitting has become a medium for expressing creativity through functional, fun pieces. She enjoys using yarn to make artworks, solving problems along the way,
breaking a few of those knitting rules, and producing the unexpected.
Sarah has exhibited at Petrichor Gallery, Walpole and with WAFTA. She is a regular participant in Wearable Arts Mandurah.