Rosalie Duligal

Rosalie Duligal (Australia)

Title: Fantasy
Medium: Fabric, silks, felt, printing ink
Size: 21 x 29cm
Price: POA

The Garden of Loss & Triumph conjured many images, I do not use textiles but I so enjoyed sewing my fantasy of what a triumph garden would look like, I used silk and many beautiful fabrics and I used prints to dye the fabrics into my vision, that contain many yarns. All being able to be sew together in the collaboration of works.

I am a multi disciplined artist. I create works that are in my imagination. I have been very lucky this year in that I have been a finalist in many competitions which has been outstandingly thrilling. Never the less I am on going in the endeavour to create beauty that is pleasing to the eye and brings pleasure to others. If I bring joy to people I feel my job as an artist is done.