Roma McLaughlin

Roma McLaughlin-

Title : Summer 1953

Medium: Collage with painted paper

Price : AUD 450 (unframed)

National Graphic 
Volume CIII
Number One

About the artwork:

This collage is an adaption of a 1953 National Geographic photo of children playing under the sprinkler in more simple and carefree times. Or was it? In the 1950’s mums were encouraged to stayed at home to look after children and the father’s role was to financially support the family. In the 70’s women began challenging these traditional roles.
Using a limited bright pastel colour palette, I was inspired by illustrations used in mid-century book publishing. This was a time before printing technology made the mass production of full colour illustrations cheaper to produce. This technology heralded a flowering of children’s picture book publications in the 1980’s, especially here in Australia.
To create this collage, I have painted rice paper and cut out the shapes of the figures with a scalpel.
Participating in this project has been a nostalgic look back into my childhood and my early career in children’s book illustration.

About Roma:

Roma is a contemporary papercut artist working in Melbourne, Australia. Her work is inspired by the ancient Chinese craft of papercutting. To make her images, Roma uses a single sheet of coloured paper and uses a scalpel to cut out connecting shapes to create silhouettes and patterning.

Roma also works with collage. Using her papercutting skills, she cuts shapes of painted colour paper to build up her images.

Roma has studied and practised painting and has worked as a children’s book illustrator for several publishing companies.

Last year Roma had a collaborative exhibition with artist Kathy Fahey about the coastline of the Southern Ocean of Victoria. Her intricate white papercut seascapes contrasted with Kathy’s bold colour collages and paintings of the coast.

Roma is a member of the international paper artist group, The Paper Artist Collective and has participated in several group projects with them.

She has exhibited in Australia and overseas in various group exhibitions with her paintings collages and papercuts.