Jennifer Baird


Chapman, Australia

Preferred artistic medium

Collage, Contemporary, Multi Media Art, Painting, Paper Art, Printmaking, Textile & Fibre Art

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Mid career


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Artist statement

I am a 2D mixed media artist. I use printmaking-screen printing and lino printing, painting, collage, weaving and recycled media to create my art. 

After graduating, I began my path as an artist. It was very natural, people responded and 25 years later I know I have found my ikigai.

I communicate through various media a colourful joy for my environment, lots of colour. Recently I have explored, with collage, the shapes of the James Turrell 'Skyspace' in Canberra. 12 of these works will be exhibited later in 2020.

I have also recently branched out from recognisable seascapes and landscapes , to screenprinting at Megalo Print Studios, exploring the geometry of my environment. There is a stillness emerging in my work, minimal paintings using a palette knife and work with folded paper.

Career highlights include being the joint winner of the inaugural Sheridan Evans Award for artwork relating to ocean pools, for my lino print ‘Pools of Sydney’ and a highly commended in the Waverley Art Prize 2017 for my work ‘George Baldessin meets Andy Warhol’.

I am interested in group exhibitions and open to collaboration and project opportunities.