Paula McLoughlin


Seddon, Australia

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Artist statement

I make art because it is an intrinsic part of who I am, I dare say like most artists.

I am a printmaker that uses quite a few different print techniques.  I do use a lot of screen printing and its possibilities,  but I am equally enthralled by intaglio, wood engraving, lithography ....  They all have something quite specific to offer and a harmony in image making, I will choose a print technique for its intrinsic value in informing the image making process when I start a series of work .

When I think about my practice I think of it as a multiple groups of work. I work in series, its rare that I would make a single piece of work based on an idea -  I would generally explore the idea over a series of images and title and do that exploration within the same print technique.

What I am trying to do, I suppose is to inhabit ideas that reflect on our condition, - how we interact with our space, sense of place and each other, exploring conversation and comment, consider our various states of being, and in doing that it leads me to create images across a spectrum of 'styles' which an be abstract minimal, clean through to realistic and consuming.

At the moment I do have focus how we separate ourselves from what we experience and what we know, to deflect our sense of responsibility and at the same time wanting to make work that reflects a stillness and contemplation.