Rowena Hannan


Yarraville, Australia

Preferred artistic medium

Ceramics, Sculpture

Art level career

Mid career

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Artist statement

My figurative ceramic sculptures are hand built, sometimes with the addition of slipcast forms. The overarching theme that encompasses all my work is the how the female is viewed in society and caught up in it’s folklore.  Whether this is at an intimate or a spiritual or historical nature. I am interested in exploring both the power and the vulnerability of the female and how they can be revered or reviled by society. I continue to explore these themes through looking at the role of the female in story telling and how this informs how society views women.  I have often been drawn to the use of text in my work, drawing from ancient and medieval writings, which I have screen printed using underglaze or embossed fragments within, to further enhance the narrative of the sculpture. I am interested in exhibiting in both solo and group exhibitions and I am open to both private and public commissions.