Beth Hulme


Melbourne, Australia

Preferred artistic medium

Collage, Contemporary, Drawing, Painting, Sculpture

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Artist statement

My painting practice uses layered, textural elements to blur the line between painting and sculpture and capture an abstracted view of a 3 dimensional moving, living, active world.

I draw on examples from the natural world to illustrate human emotion and behavior, to explore grief and hope, expectation and disappointment. The transformative nature of the landscape and its capacity to heal itself after cataclysmic events often provides the foundation for my paintings, exploring the transitional point in a cycle when one part distinctly ends and the next part begins.

The path a fire cuts through the landscape and the scar from which new life begins to etch itself almost immediately. Mythical seed casings thrust from a plant at the end of it’s life, cracking open and spilling to the earth to begin the growth process again. The layers of bark on a tree, which shed and dry and change hue over the passage of time. These are the elements of the landscape that I abstractly and intuitively used to illustrate the opportunity of the new, rather than the finality of the end and the constant rhythm of change and adaption.