Samantha Harvey


Pinner, United Kingdom

Preferred artistic medium

Multi Media Art, Sculpture, Textile & Fibre Art

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Artist statement

My work is inspired by the fascinating diversity, beauty and quirkiness of the World, particularly the colour, movement and incredible shapes found in the fragile gardens of the seas and in plants. The tactile act of construction informs all my pieces.

As an Australian artist living and working in London, England, my work is very much influenced by a yearning to be near Port Philip Bay: surrounded by the vibrant colours and the shapes of the plants and the sea. 

I have a compulsion to draw and manipulate materials. My mixed media sculptures and drawings usually incorporate stitch to add layers of texture and structural integrity. Inspiration is found through looking and drawing and from the variety of materials I collect and from travels in the world. It is important for me to use waste and recycled materials, it seems particularly important when highlighting the beauty of nature to ensure that I am not contributing to damaging it.

A piece may start with drawings and imagination but through the tactile process of combining materials with contrasting textures and origins the individual personality of each emerges.

I am interested in collaborating with Australian artists and galleries to develop my connection with 'home' and its influence on my art. A recent trip back to say bye to my mum involved 2 weeks in quarantine in a Docklands hotel giving me a great deal of reflection time and a new perspective when I was finally allowed out to look and draw in nature. I am particularly interested in working across disciplines.