Kathy Fahey


Nunawading, Australia

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Painting, Printmaking, Collage

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Artist statement

I am a Melbourne based artist and my practice includes painting, collage and artist books. One of the central motifs of my work is the depiction of the Australian landscape and the natural world. My recent work can be divided into two categories, landscape paintings in acrylic or oils and hand painted collages using acrylic, rice paper and Stonehenge Paper.

Central to my work is the very act of making art, colour, layering, space, movement and surface. My paintings are renderings of colour, light and form, they are as much about these elements as they are about birds, trees and skies. They are not photo-representative but rather an artist’s interpretation of the natural world, slightly abstracted and expressive but still recognisable glimpses of green spaces.

My hand painted collages rely heavily on negative/positive space, the contrast between the painterly collaged elements and the plain white support of the Stonehenge paper. These collages depict elements of the landscape at any one unique moment of time. A bird lands and in an instant, takes off again. Sunlight falls on a landscape and then, in a heartbeat, disappears behind a cloud. A flower blooms and a moment later the petals are swept away by a sudden gust of wind. Nothing stays the same. These fleeting glimpses of time and place are made more precious and special because of their transitory nature. I endeavour through my collages and paintings to portray the unique beauty and fragility of the Australian landscape and remind the viewer of the need to protect this landscape against the ravages of the modern world.

I am currently working on a series of Australian landscapes inspired by my recent artist residency at Police Point, Portsea.  The work focuses on seascapes, landscapes and the relentless energy and force of oceans, tides and the elements that, in the face of climate change are increasingly bombarding and changing our vast continent.

I exhibit regularly both in Australia and abroad.  More examples of my work can be found on my website: https://kathyfahey.com.au/w