Kathy Fahey


Nunawading, Australia

Preferred artistic medium

Collage, Painting, Printmaking

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Artist statement

I am a Melbourne based artist and my practice includes painting, collage and artist books.  My recent work can be divided into two categories, landscape paintings in acrylic or oils and hand painted collages using acrylic paint, acid free glue and Stonehenge Paper. 
The central motif of my paintings and collages is the Australian landscape. My work looks at the quintessential elements of the landscape such as deep shadows, reflections, straggly eucalypts, changing skies, sepia waterways, rugged coastlines and vast oceans. Central to my work is the very act of making art - mark making, colour, layering, negative/positive space, movement and a painterly surface. My paintings and collages are renderings of colour, light and form, they are as much about these elements as they are the landscape. They are not photo-representative but rather my interpretation of the natural world, slightly abstracted and expressive but still recognizable glimpses of the Australian landscape.
As a practising artist I exhibit regularly both in Australia and abroad.  In recent years I have completed a number of local and overseas artist residencies as a way to expand and develop my art practice.  I also work part time at a vibrant Arts Centre in Melbourne as an art tutor and arts administrator.

More examples of my work can be found on my website: https://kathyfahey.com.au/w