Roma McLaughlin


Montmorency, Australia

Preferred artistic medium

Collage, Contemporary, Drawing, Painting, Paper Art

Art level career

Mid career


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Artist statement

I am a papercut artist. I work with a scalpel and a single sheet of paper. It can be large or small. I love the delicate lace-like quality of a finished papercut and the unpredictable shadows it creates.

My last solo exhibition was based on my observation of the rapid urban development in my suburb of Box Hill. The work drew attention to the shifts and uncertainties in identity taking place but also to the vibrancy of the growing Asian population. Inspired by patterns in architecture, décor and natural forms, my focus on contoured shapes, silhouettes, shadows and patterning was not just decorative but an attempt to convey a sense of place. My style has been described as a fusion of Western and Asian Art.

Recently I have been working on a papercut series of the Melbourne CBD, specifically about Melbourne laneways.  

Currently I am working on some papercuts about the Southern Ocean of Victoria. With shapes and patterning, I have been depicting the ebb, flow and undercurrents of waves on these shores. This coastline is known for its dramatic erosion of the land by sea. How will it and other coastlines be effected by the changes we are experiencing in our climate?

I am a member of an international group called the Paper Artist Collective. 

Recently my work was featured in a Thames and Hudson publication for the Victoria and Albert Museum, London in a book called ‘PaperCrafts: A Makers Guide.’ (2018)

I have exhibited in Australia and overseas.