Stephen Pleban


lake wendouree, Australia

Preferred artistic medium

Contemporary, Drawing, Painting

Art level career

Mid career


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Artist statement

My paintings are highly worked and aim to build an ominous, otherworldly atmosphere.  My intention is to generate a poetic sense of wonderment. The images lay outside our logical experience of landscape and time, and yet, as dreamlike depictions, they relate to the intuitive, melancholy connections we have as humans with the landscape and its beauty.
Through layers of paint, oil and wax the images take force through the act of painting itself.  An essential element of my practice is the exploration of formal elements that celebrate a deep engagement with the physical deployment of paint. I draw upon images that nurture my practice, culled from the internet, music, personal photos, films, and documentaries. In an approach that resembles collage, I source and juxtapose images of people in a natural environment sometimes seeking to understand, sometimes satisfied with just being there.
My paintings tangle with the landscape tradition, imagined futures, the chaos of nature, and concerns related to climate change that focus on the uncertainty of our altered relationship with the natural world.