Plate 93

(31) Lucinda Nicholas – What is precious seems hidden

About this Artwork

Given the picture of precious stones, i was excited to see all the colours available to play around with. I tried to create a collage effect with many layers of the original picture, as well as layers of paper. In this way, i tried to create the effect of a multitude of gems, hidden beneath layers of clothes perhaps, or layers of the earth from whence they originally came. Gems are like treasure which emerges from a hidden place inside the earth. Even then they undergo many processes to reveal their true beauty. Because gems are so rare and so precious, I wanted to create a piece of art that hinted at something like a treasure that was hard to find. So in some way I wanted to portray the significance of these tiny pieces of colour, they can be very hard, yet they are precious to people to look at and own, so I wanted to wrap them up in layers of paper which I hoped also look like layers of gauzy folds of material. In this way they still remain hidden in some way, so that when you are looking at the picture it is almost as if you have to search for the treasure all over again. I also wanted to retain some of the text, aas humans like to classify things in order to have some illusory control over them, yet even thus illusion of control is lost in the hidden folds.

About Lucinda

i like to create art using real photos and playing around with them digitally. It is important to me to hint at things hidden beneath the surface. I’m really interested in glitching things to see what emerges criminalise an image-it’s like there’s something hidden within all living things. Shapes and colours emerge if you just play around with an image and try to discover it’s secrets. If I play around with an image for long enough, I think that an essence of its inner core can emerge, bringing to the surface colours and shapes that convey something of beauty that was perhaps hidden from initial view. I create a lot of my work digitally using apps to find these hidden elements. Once I find colours that are pleasing, then I try to arrange the shapes in a complementary way. I often use photos that I have taken on real film using my vintage cameras, i think real film brings something special to the final result.

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Lucinda was supplied with the following page from Newnes’ Pictorial Knowledge Encyclopedia:

Volume 9
On things that interest you and me.
Precious Stones.