Plate 22

(10) Christine Lewis – The Shape of Flowers


About this Artwork:

I received page 294 of the encyclopedia, a black and white picture which is based on the anatomy of flowers. As I love my garden and spend a great deal of time in it, this proved to be a particularly appropriate page for me.
Working in isolation from home, I have had limited use to the kitchen to produce artwork. So I switched from my usual mediums and started practising with watercolour paint and ink – something I have not previously used. This painting is the result of my efforts.
It is rather like a brightly coloured jigsaw. I drew up the various flower forms and made templates of them on card , then overlapped the shapes on watercolour paper.
This has been a very light hearted, fun experiment for me. At this time when there has been so much fear and uncertainty I have been grateful to have the means at hand both physically and mentally to be creative as a way to keep positive.

About Christine:

I began painting following early retirement from my position as a nurse. I have no formal training although I have attended various short courses and workshops, practising across a broad spectrum of mediums, including linocut printmaking, clay work and pastels. However, my chosen mediums are oil and acrylics paints on canvas and board.
In February I had my first gallery exhibition at G3 Art Space in Parkdale. It was a shared exhibition (with Chris Aspland) based on the theme of life and recreation by the seaside.
I am currently based in a studio at Le Studio Art Space in Mordialloc. My particular interests are Natural History and Portraiture. I have also recently completed two very different bodies of work. One is based on my collection of hand embroidered doilies, vintage vases and my love of bugs. The other body of work references the derelict machinery used in the now defunct ship building site at Cockatoo Island in NSW.

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Christine was supplied with the following page from Newnes’ Pictorial 
Knowledge Encyclopedia:

Newnes’ Pictorial Encyclopedia
Volume 1
The Wonders of Plant Life in Forest,Field and Garden.
The parts of a Flower