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(197)Louise D’Amico – Airplane Shapes

About this Artwork
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My art work is from Newnes’ Pictorial Knowledge Encyclopedia Volume 9 The importance of Shape. My art work is inspired by shapes and wings. I have done a picture of an airplane. I live near Melbourne airport and before Covid-19 I would be able to see airline in the sky but now I can hardly see any due to covid-19. The medium I have used for the airplane is Screen printing, with Acrylic paint and distress Ink.

About Louise

My Name is Louise D’Amico. I am an artist with intellectual disability. I live in Melbourne Australia. I enjoy visual arts and printmaking, and card making along with photography.
My favourite mediums to use when doing art are printmaking and acrylic paint. I attend an art group called Make a Day Art and Art for All Abilities. These groups are run for artists with a disability by Sheena Mathieson. It gives me an opportunity to make art and see art. In art class we do a wide range of artwork including printmaking, painting, colour and 3D. I enjoy still being able to do art during Covid-19 on Zoom. When I am not at art class, I am always putting creativity into my projects in my own time at home. My passion is to share my creativity with others who are like minded.

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Louise was provided with the following page from Newnes’ Pictorial Knowledge Encyclopedia:

Volume 9
Questions and Answers on things that interest your and me.
The importance of Shape