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(192) Athenie Leckey – How Dots Make Pictures Page 390

(1095) Séverine Bourgeois – How dots make pictures… and create words

About this Artwork
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Being sent Page 390 from Volume 9 of the Newnes’ Pictorial Knowledge Encyclopedia made my heart sing! ‘How Dots Make Pictures’ was the page title. The basic starting point of any mark – the simple dot – was to be heroed. Paul Klee’s quote – “A line is a dot that went for a walk” expanded to “A drawing is simply a line going for a walk” was humming in my subconscious. The juxtaposition of wanting to create an image of robust Australian native flowers overflowing from a vase with just delicately inked dots was enticing, enthralling and challenging. Dot size and density were utilised to create texture and fragility of petals and leaves. I have bunched together my favourite natives – Banksias, Eucalypts, Grevilleas, Kangaroo Paws, Leucodendrons and the adopted Proteas – representing discovery, purity, calmness, true love, faith, individuality, simplicity in life, diversity and courage. A great ‘bunch’ to live by. Enjoy!

About Athenie

Athenie Leckey is a Melbourne based emerging artist who revels in the beauty of our native flora. Paper cut with collage, acrylics, and ink are the current mediums of choice to depict a single bloom or a large messy bunch nearly spilling out of their container. I create these floral works to be surrounded by native blooms. I want them in my garden, my street, my vases, my paintings, my work. I admire the strength of the larger blooms, the wooded stems, the tough leaves, the robust flower head but closer inspection shows the soft downy edge of a petal, or a delicately curled style of a grevillea, or the golden stamens of each wattle globe. The hidden softer aspect of the flora – and life – is what makes an experience memorable and special in our hearts and minds. Proteas, even though not strictly a native to Australia, usually appear in my work as they have the most special place in my heart. My partner would often give me a King Protea while we were dating therefore my wedding bouquet was a single perfect bloom not only meaning courage and diversity, but also love.

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Athenie was provided with the following page from Newnes’ Pictorial Knowledge Encyclopedia:

Newnes’ Pictorial Knowledge Encyclopedia
Volume 9
On things that interest you and me. 
How dots make pictures.

About this Artwork
Price: 450 EUR

Drawing with dots is one of the most important facets of my work: the necessary rigor and asceticism nourish my creative process. I really enjoy to spend hours and hours working on a single image.
As a visually impaired person, Braille, an alphabet for the blind, is a building block of my written language. With the purpose to be visible and readable by all, it can be transcribed by black dots, as it is the case in this drawing.
In order to interpret the principle of the weft and its variations, the fragments of faces are made using dots of different diameters.The pieces of portraits are linked together by gold threads, a reference to the Japanese practice of kintsugi – how to overcome trauma in order to sublimate it.
I deliver here a very personal image but the implications of which are universal. An echo of the anxieties of our society and of the events that concern us.

About Séverine

Visually impaired since I was twelve years old, I have learned to see differently.
I have always questioned the notion of look and phenomenology.
How things appear in front of my eyes? In what way the message is interpreted, distorted, disrupted?

I have always played with body, nature, perception. A poetry of distortion.
I use words and images to explore limits and create hybrid universes.
I create paradoxes, additions that subtract, upheavals and shifts. I invent composites, modify scales, abuse boundaries and rigid rules of perspective.

From the word is born the image.
First of all, there is the text, tangible proof of the idea to be explored, and which frequently fades behind the drawing. Ink is my favorite medium, the one with which it all begins. Other techniques can help support the concept, but the crude and symbolic contrast of ink on paper remains a necessity in my artistic creation process.

My explorations rarely translate into a single image. The multiplicity of experiences and results fully participate in the course of the idea’s transcription. I tend to establish visual collections of dots, lines and flat tints from which my own perceptions are born.

I like to cheat my illness, a method of trying to control my helplessness in the face of its inexorable degradation.
Like a challenge, my little revenge.
I have fun with the dangers of the limit.
I live for a few moments in the dark.
I always see in the blur.
Disturbed body and blurred vision.

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Severine was provided with the following page from Newnes’ Pictorial Knowledge Encyclopedia:

Volume 9
On things that interest you and me .
How dots make pictures