Mariona Clavé

Mariona Clavé-

Title : Everywhere

Medium: Natural linen and cotton fabrics, treated and hardened on canvas.

Price : EUR 336

National Graphic 
Volume CIII
Number One

About the artwork:

Text translated with a translator

People have always liked to travel. From 1953 to the present day, destinies have not changed much: the sea, the beach, the mountains, the countryside … The page which I was inspired to create the work EVERYWHERE, is from The National Geographic Magazine, Volume CIII, January 1, 1953. It is a photograph of an airport where people come and go, where people go to get to their destination, whatever it is.

The work is created with natural linen and cotton fabrics of different colors that express and identify different destinations. Each color identifies one: the sea, the beach, the mountains or the countryside, without wanting to leave out the origin, where we have to go to get there … the airport and without wanting to leave out those things that catch our attention.

What is my favorite destination? The one who makes me enjoy the moment, the one who teaches me new things and allows me to be myself at all times. The one who gives me peace and quiet but at the same time excites me and encourages me to go back, the one who encourages me to go back to the airport

About Mariona:

I am a restless and very curious person. I find it very difficult to be doing nothing. I like to experiment because I know it always leads me to enjoy, create, play with materials, shapes and colors. I always enjoy what I do and on a canvas, the possibilities are endless.

I like the effect that gives working with fabric. Volume, perspective and a different point of view. From time to time, I work with other materials such as recycled cotton thread. Hardening the materials gives me the possibility to immortalize my works, created at just the right time.

I am lucky enough to live surrounded by nature and tranquility in the Alt Penedès, in Catalonia. Land of beautiful vineyards and fantastic landscapes that change every day. Land full of inspiration that makes me live fully and with the illusion of being able to express what I feel and at the time I need it, through my artworks.