Marco Guglielmelli

Marco Guglielmelli (Italy)

Title: Human
Medium: Oil paint, Indian ink, Chalk
Size: 21 x 29cm
Price: 200 Euro

This painting represents the human condition: immersed in a reality that is in eternal change, man himself undergoes uninterrupted changes: a wave that goes from the bottom to the top and vice versa. A continuous flow that cannot be opposed: the ultimate goal is to achieve awareness of oneself and one’s existence through a centering point.

I find inspiration in everything around me: it could be a face of a person, a landscape or a detail of complex system.
My work ranges from detailed drawings to sketchy paintings: with the “sketching” style and technique I want to extract, from a flat surface of shapeless color, something beautiful and, on the other side, bring out the “dark and ruined side” of a naturally beautiful subject.
Beyond the “bright side”, there is always a hidden side which, in reality, is never completely hidden: the two communicate incessantly and transform each other.
With my art, I want to represent duality and its annihilation through a union that occurs through an ascending and descending process, of construction and destruction: the whole and the opposite of everything, united in the chaos that is nothing but eternal movement.
I use pen, oil paint, acrylic paint, indian ink, paper and canvas: sometimes I mix them.
I’m open to exhibitions or projects that involve painting, drawing, but also collaborations that include mixed media.