Lucy Wood

Lucy Wood-

Title : My Keywest Chemelion rides air-plants

Medium: Graphite, coloured pencil on paper, unframed

Price : 340.00 AUD (unframed), 430.00 AUD (framed)

National Graphic 
Volume CIII
Number One

About the artwork:

With the piece, I wanted to interpret the page I was given into the format of fast social media and how we consume travel imagery from the comfort home. While still retaining the worn vintage feel of the magazine photograph, coupled with a frozen, slightly augmented appearance that filters and digital mediums add.

This idea formed from the memories I have of older relatives claiming, ‘who needs to get on a plane when you can watch Get Away and see the wonders of the world from the comfort of home?’
This attitude of travel voyeurism seemed so empty to me, only seeing someone else’s curated idea of places from the safety of your couch.
Then the pandemic happened, and we collectively found ourselves grounded and forced to interact with the world in this way, albeit involuntarily, through a voyeuristic medium.
This time though, not the T.V or magazine, but via the small black mirror.

About Lucy:

Currently, I work on paper and canvas with mixed mediums (graphite, pastels, gouache) to combine detailed illustrations with hints of colour and etching marks.

I grew up in a small rural town living above the family business. My favourite memories of the family supermarket were in the after-hours when the shop was closed and dimly lit by the refrigerator and emergency lights. It was quiet and peaceful. Looking back, I feel this has shaped my love of liminal spaces and the odd feeling they conjure.

My works are meditations on the way I observe the world. The catalyst for this is my realization that not everyone senses/sees colour when they hear sound. Something that seemed so normal to me was a foreign concept to another.

Combining my illustrative hand with hints of colour & texture, my works encompass two sides of a creative personality – How I see | How it feels.