Lucinda Nicholas

Lucinda Nicholas-

Title : man friday’s footprint on daydream island causes a rethink

Medium: digital print on archival paper

Price : AUD 120

National Graphic 
Volume CIII
Number One

About the artwork:

this artwork was created using a page from the national geographic showing people, presumably affluent enough to holiday on a tropical island. the caption references man friday, a character in daniel defoe’s book of robinson crusoe. This reference is enough to make you feel the complete dichotomy between the rich and poor, how the people who go on holidays these days are dissociated from nature, and in fact, wouldn’t know how to survive like a native would. such people would trample over sacred grounds and destroy a natural way of life by building a tennis court on top of nature. in my image i’d like to take people back in a dreamlike state to a time when people lived in harmony with nature, where they could survive off the land, and be happy in a natural rather than an artificial world. hopefully it’s not a dream for all but a real way to connect back with nature

About Lucinda:

my art is usually created by taking real pictures with real film. i love using vintage cameras and experimental film as well as udd so ing alternative processes to create abstract images. in editing photos i like to use filters and apps to create dreamlike effects. in using vintage cameras there is often individualistic effects on the images produced which are unique and one-off. Creating images with ore-exposed film often leaves light leaks or random colours or even vignettes which help create dream like images. when i get s film back from being developed it is often s huge surprise to see what the camera and film have produced. however i often like to edit the photos to bring out my favourite parts of the image. the use of filters and apps can add to or hide parts of the image which are distracting. finally i hope that the image is abstract enough so that different people see different things when looking at the picture, hopefully it evokes an emotion.