Lucienne Kleisen

Lucienne Kleisen (Netherlands)

Medium: Acrylic on linen
Size: 21 x 29cm
Price: 80 euro

My artwork is inspired by the Dutch dolmen, which you can find in the north of the Netherlands. The dolmen represent loss, because they are ancient burial sites. At the same time they represent triumph, because they were built between 3350 en 3050 B.C. and they are still here. I am inspired by their shapes, their solidness, and their fragility at the same time. They connect ancient souls to the present.

I am a fourth year art student, who works very intuitively in both painting and drawing. I prefer working while outdoors or from memory, focusing on the feeling a specific place or moment in time has for me and the impression it makes or made on me. Photos can be an inspiration for new work though.

Making art makes me happy, as it feels so natural and mindful. I discovered my love for visual arts only a few years ago. What drives me as an artist is wanting to share stories about emotions, experiences and discovery.