Jack Lee


Medium: Photograph

Dimensions : 1189mm(W) x 841mm(H)

About the artwork:

‘NYC x Tokyo’ from ‘A Tale of Two Cities’ series

Cities epitomise the double effect of globalisation on urban fabric, homogenisation and diversity. The blurring of social, political and economic activities across borders are more significant than ever while existing disparities, culture and tradition are ignored. This series aims to highlight the nature of this phenomenon and to draw the resemblance as well as the differences between the two cities.
With the future of international travel remains uncertain, perhaps now it is the time to reflect and find the right balance between future developments and the city’s genius loci.

About Jack:

I am a Malaysian Chinese artist and architect based in Melbourne.

Growing up I have always been interested in the close bonds between beings and their interactions with the surrounding environment. Be it with the self, interpersonal, pathological, interspecies and so on.

I am fascinated by the history and culture of different places & identities. Looking through the lens of history to see the relevance of the past and uncovering the stories told through time, to me are beautiful.

I believe in embracing the different emotions, particularly the unpleasant ones. Experiencing the full range of emotions & feelings help to cultivate compassion & empathy.

“I am for richness of meaning rather than clarity of meaning; for the implicit function as well as the explicit function. I prefer ‘both-and’ to ‘either-or,’ black and white, and sometimes gray, to black or white. -Robert Venturi