Isabelle Catucci

Isabelle Catucci (Portugal)

Title: Bubble’s passage
Medium: Ink and Acrylic paint on linen
Size: 21 x 29cm
Price: 150 euros

The proposal reproduces some of the images important to me as metaphor in times of crisis. In a generational and architectural sense, the symbols resume feelings and spatialities drawings and painted on linen, the images of the bubble, staircase, line and environment make up a dreamlike landscape, based on the proposal of Artaviso Garden of Loss and Triumph.
From the core is the bubble, such as a casing or glass dome, the bubble bring the mental construct of wrap, that assures us a certain distance from the environment. In the inner bubble space is a staircase leads down to the invisible space. In outside area, the landscape composed by the tree and the wooden platform builds a sense of ambience. The scenery and the sense of contemplation of nature are importants feelings desired in a garden.
The movement of the first transparent element is propelled and involved by the gold line, aerial, entangled in a continuous spiral.
In a game of symbolism and sensations, the painting emerges with the sense of continuity, whose bubble allows gestate and protect, in dimensional passages between planes and spaces.

Isabelle Catucci is a multidisciplinary artist, she has an ongoing research in her doctoral thesis at the University of Lisbon- Faculty of Fine Arts the processes of significance of the earth in the arts, with special interest in the relations with the sculpture, ceramics and interventions. She is a professor at the Department of Arts of the Federal University of Paraná in the area of three dimensional languages. Member of the VICARTE Glass and Ceramics for the Arts and CIEBA Centre for Fine Arts Studies and Research.