Isabel Codina de Pedro

Isabel Codina de Pedro (Spain)

Title:The passage of time
Medium: photography
Size: 21 x 29cm
Price: 150 €

I photographed a pomegranate for a long period of time to document the changes suffered in the shape and 
especially the color of the fruit.It is a reflection on the passage of time and how the beauty of fresh fruit is changing 
towards a new beauty. 
The colors are getting closer and closer to gray and green tones, providing a darkness and mystery to the fruit, which 
is acquiring a strange human heart shape.
The six images are sewn to the linen cloth with red thread, which is the color of fresh pomegranate.
This work is part of a larger series of fruits that I have photographed over long periods of time. They are shown in the form of fold-out books, which represent the process of change suffered by the passage of time in the different fruits, as a timelapse.
The fold-out book allows you to see all the images at the same time, in order to experience the changes in the fruits.

I work in photography and in this particular project I work in still life of fruits. I photograph them for a period of time looking at the changes suffered in the shape and colors of different fruits. It is a reflexion about the pass of the time and how the beauty of the fruit is changing to a new beauty. I classify them in boxes to structure the composition as an homage to the old masters of still life painting.