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    Well, things have certainly gotten pretty weird over the last week, events cancelled, self isolation, food hoarding, people getting violent in the supermarket- oh, and the toilet paper thing! How are you all feeling about it? Is it effecting you emotionally or financially, are you anxious about catching the virus? Do you have an upcoming exhibition and are worried if anyone is going to turn up and see/buy your work?

    So there is a lot of scary negative stuff going on, but I am also seeing amazing creativity coming out of all this as well as some clever entrepreneurship and community connection and kindness.

    Some Artists thrive on having forced time alone to create, but for others it might be a little isolating and scary.

    I thought this might be a good opportunity to open a thread to talk about this stuff within the Art Aviso Artist community – Let us see what you are working on creatively, talk about your ideas and if you are keen to begin some collaborations with other Art Aviso members – head on over to the Projects and Collaboration section of the forum and see what unfolds.


    Di Diddle

    Thanks for starting this thread Beth. I’m finding it hard to settle into creating at the moment as so much seems in flux around me. I tend to work better when my head is clear. I’m planning a solo show later this year but not quite sure if I should hold off a bit so that I can see how things settle. The less I read about it all the better coz that only adds to the confusion. Hoping to get to some making this weekend. Surely theres some great art to come out of the weirdness of it all….

    Art Aviso News

    Hi Di, Yes I think the key might be to channel as much of that confusion and anxiety in to some form creativity if possible. I’m interested to see what artwork comes out of all of this.

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