Elementor #20262

(1016)Conceição Abreu – Movement and Stillness. (2020)

About this Artwork

I’m a Portugal-based visual artist whose practice develops in the interstices of textiles, drawing, sculpture, performance, photography and video. I construct trajectories and cartographies through repetitive movements that arise from relationships that she creates between body and space. Organized in a haptic field — tactile and kinesthetic, in dynamics that are established between interiority and exteriority, present and memory — those relationships acquire shape and visibility through threads and lines. Elements that superimposed and intertwined, map a relational space-time where emerges a geography with a global sense of place.
Responding to the sent black and white image, a spider´s frozen web — page 244 of the Newnes Encyclopedia of Pictorial Knowledge of the 1950s (edited by Enid Blyton) —, the artwork references the process with which the spider extends her lines in a create relation to the environment, using a repetitive movement. Constructive process that is reflected, in this artwork, in the way haw the white thread is embroidered: the same repetition, stitch by stitch, supported on the photography’s surface. Reminiscences how the spider positions its web, the embroidered thread results from the relationship created with the pre-existing drawing in the image, that represent a skein that I have in my hands. Overlaps and interlaces that, as in the case of the spider, are structured in movement and stillness, creates a relational space-time which is perceived as a geography with a sense of place.

About Conceição

I understand my work as a praxis space. In the interstices of textiles, drawing, sculpture, performance, photography and video, I constructed paths (trajectories) and geographies. My practice is structured by repetitive gestures and body movements, in a process that becomes almost meditative, but at the same time, it is open to new organizations. Far from the idea that the routine of everyday experience is monotony, the systematization in repetition has, in my work, an aesthetic role of poetic virtue (poiese).I understand repetitive movement as a territorial movement. A practice that generate relationships between body and space, in dynamics established between interiority and exteriority, present and memory. Organized in a haptic field, tactile and kinesthetic, those relationships acquire, during the practice, shape and visibility through threads and lines, elements that I inscribe, superimpose and intertwine as drawings – objects and images, understood as geographies of those interconnections that arose of an experience of searching for a global sense of place.

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Conceição was provided with the following page from Newnes’ Pictorial Knowledge Encyclopedia:

Volume 1
The story of animal life – Creatures of the land, air and sea
The Spiders Frozen Home