Elementor #20151

(1094) Pia Tham – Army Flowers (Sweden)

About this Artwork

My page was a real challange, in my first darwing I did a similar drawing but this ended up looking like superhero-badges. But somehow I try to visualise the image and tried to find a meaning with the picure other then clothes. And I saw these uniforms a soldiers that has fallen in war and was buried in the earth, and grow to be part of the world again as flowers. I really liked the idea of a circle of life when something tragic becomes something new, and maybe beautiful. War and soldiers, army and uniforms are for me something sad, and I hope this drawing will be an colorful inspiration to a creative mind. Other than that I dont spend so much time to put words on what I work on, most of the time its a feeling that can be hard to put in words. . . .

About Pia

My artwork is often created by graphite or charcoal on a carefully selected paper. My drawings are detailed and more often than not with a bizarre, funny twist. Be it inspired by old carnival posters, cabinet cards or from nature. Birds are a reoccurring motive, and often a species that is on the verge of extinction. This is to raise awareness and remind us of how fragile life can be, and that we should take care of our environment.
In my future projects I plan to explore sculpture a bit more, I recently started wood works (jigsaw and laser cut) and find it both fun and creative.
In my background I have worked with both photography and graphic design, but started exhibit my work in 2016 and have since then participated in several exhibitions both in Sweden and internationally. I also study art science and my speciality is digital art science.

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Pia was provided with the following page from Newnes’ Pictorial Knowledge Encyclopedia:

Volume 9
On things that interest you and me.
British Uniforms Plate 1