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(105) Emma Gardner - Serenading the Elfin Artist


About this Artwork

I was supplied with a beautiful poem from, Newnes’ Pictorial Encyclopedia Volume 9, ‘A Childrens Treasury of Verse-Little Masterpieces of Today and yesterday’ titled ‘The Elfin Artist’. The poem was framed by gorgeous little illustrations, of which the mystical creature Pan – one of the oldest Greek Gods – took my attention. Known as the God of the wild, shepherds and flocks, rustic music, I could imagine him instantly and hear the sound of seductive and alluring tunes he would make with his flute skipping through enchanted forests… so I gave him the centre stage of my drawing.

I have set him in a mystical deep blue atmosphere, using pigments I found on an adventure in India. And, think of him skipping around whilst serenading the Elfin Artist in the poem.

What better thing than to escape into the world of the fantastical while bunkering down in isolation during a pandemic???

About Emma

My motivation to make work comes from a curiosity about the human condition. I find our mere existence just so absurd at times. The expectations, performed duties, constructed narratives, cultural stigmas… I wrestle with trying to fit in them… to understand why they are so, or if they even need to be so. I often implicated my figure as both author and subject in my work, to complicate the relationship between truth and fiction.

I love to read fantastical stories that fuse adventure with the supernatural, corrupt, heroic and the confused, the confessed, romantic, the guilty and pleasurable. I enjoy how they can conjure up worlds that are almost close enough to be our own but they have just those few elements that make them seemingly a little far-fetched or just that tad little impossible

Yet, I struggle with many folklore tales, as they rely on grand narratives that I do not believe in. So I subvert them.

Working with an inter-disciplinary approach to my arts practice, I crossover between installation, performance and collaboration, yet the underlying method is always drawing. I love to use process driven, laborious techniques – like cyanotype – and experiment with a variety of textiles.

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Emma was supplied with the following page from Newnes’ Pictorial Knowledge Encyclopedia:

Volume 9
A Childrens Treasury of Verse-Little Masterpieces of Today and yesterday
The Elfin Artist
Emma Gardner
oil stick trace-monotype and pigment on 180 gsm paper
$150 AUD