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(117) Sam Reiher - Passing In The Night


About this Artwork

The page I was given from the Newnes’ Pictorial Encyclopedia was titled “The Telephone and How it Works”. The telephone and the way it functions has changed dramatically over the decades but I chose to focus on a time of change that I have lived through. My work, Passing In The Night, depicts a generational shift, with one person mobile on their phone, while another older person is static, standing inside a dated phone booth. The use of black ink on white paper allows me to accentuate the differences from the past to the future. This is done through the use of shadows and contrast. The new generation is in the light casting a foreboding shadow ahead of them while the old man is in the dark in a phone booth looking down. The scene in the art work is almost like a split screen dividing the past and the present.

About Sam

Melbourne based artist Sam Reiher works mainly with acrylic paints on canvas as well as lino prints on paper. The imagary comes from the everyday travels where, for an instant, something might stand out to him. There is a particular interest in character, texture and the interaction of all the objects together. The combination of these parts help to form a mise en scene in Sam’s art works which begins to tell a moment in a storyline. His study of film and then graphic design has given him a keen sense of how to structure a scene as well as the importance of layout to lure and please the viewers eye when viewing the work. Sam is only at the beginning of his artistic career but has had two solo exhibitions as well as the involvement in group shows with much of his art already hanging in homes around Australia.

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Sam was provided with the following page from Newnes’ Pictorial Knowledge Encyclopedia:

Volume 6
The Telephone and How it works.
The Hand microphone and its parts.
Sam Reiher
lino print, ink on paper.
$100 AUD