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(192) Athenie Leckey - How Dots Make Pictures Page 390


About this Artwork

Being sent Page 390 from Volume 9 of the Newnes’ Pictorial Knowledge Encyclopedia made my heart sing! ‘How Dots Make Pictures’ was the page title. The basic starting point of any mark – the simple dot – was to be heroed. Paul Klee’s quote – “A line is a dot that went for a walk” expanded to “A drawing is simply a line going for a walk” was humming in my subconscious. The juxtaposition of wanting to create an image of robust Australian native flowers overflowing from a vase with just delicately inked dots was enticing, enthralling and challenging. Dot size and density were utilised to create texture and fragility of petals and leaves. I have bunched together my favourite natives – Banksias, Eucalypts, Grevilleas, Kangaroo Paws, Leucodendrons and the adopted Proteas – representing discovery, purity, calmness, true love, faith, individuality, simplicity in life, diversity and courage. A great ‘bunch’ to live by. Enjoy!

About Athenie

Athenie Leckey is a Melbourne based emerging artist who revels in the beauty of our native flora. Paper cut with collage, acrylics, and ink are the current mediums of choice to depict a single bloom or a large messy bunch nearly spilling out of their container. I create these floral works to be surrounded by native blooms. I want them in my garden, my street, my vases, my paintings, my work. I admire the strength of the larger blooms, the wooded stems, the tough leaves, the robust flower head but closer inspection shows the soft downy edge of a petal, or a delicately curled style of a grevillea, or the golden stamens of each wattle globe. The hidden softer aspect of the flora – and life – is what makes an experience memorable and special in our hearts and minds. Proteas, even though not strictly a native to Australia, usually appear in my work as they have the most special place in my heart. My partner would often give me a King Protea while we were dating therefore my wedding bouquet was a single perfect bloom not only meaning courage and diversity, but also love.

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Athenie was provided with the following page from Newnes’ Pictorial Knowledge Encyclopedia:

Newnes’ Pictorial Knowledge Encyclopedia
Volume 9
On things that interest you and me. 
How dots make pictures.

Athenie Leckey
Ink on Paper.
$150 AUD